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01 December 2016 @ 07:43 pm
...is fucking me up real bad today and I don't think seeing Moana helped, AT ALL (no regrets). which I probably should have seen coming, since the entire premise is based on Polynesian navigation traditions in the South Pacific. honestly this is probably my second-favorite Disney move of all time, after Mulan.

all I've wanted to do for the past month or so is go swimming. in the ocean. really really far out, for a really really long time. barring that, I'd settle for a nice long drive up PCH.

suck a dick, Frozen.
01 December 2016 @ 11:16 am
aaayyyyyy <333

holiday love meme 2016
my thread here
01 December 2016 @ 11:11 am
I think the universe is trying to prevent me from playing Pokemon. there has just been an unnatural amount of hiccups in my quest to play this ONE FUCKING GAME (or two, actually — I got both Pokemon Sun and Alpha Sapphire, the latter more out of curiosity re. this reboot of my favorite game and also the last Pokemon game I ever played, 14 fucking years ago).

if life was an RPG this would be the shittiest side-quest.

a fucking sagaCollapse )
28 November 2016 @ 12:48 pm
it's that time of year again! I'm never sure of the timing with sending out snail mail so this form will probably remain open for another week or so!

please fill out this form HERE or PM me your mailing address for a card!
27 November 2016 @ 12:18 am
after playing a bunch of games this year and watching even more let's plays I so badly want to try out game design and story/art direction but that requires going back to school if I'm really serious about it and want a good, solid education. the best school for that is in LA, which is super convenient but also terrible, because the last thing I want to do is spend 2-3 more years in this shithole, and the tuition is absolutely fucking ridiculous.

a feasible, less panic-inducing option would be to take a couple of courses there without being enrolled in any program, and use those as a flimsy foundation on which to pimp myself to small indie game companies, and then learn everything else on the fly. but I can't draw for shit on traditional media let alone with a fucking tablet and the one time I took that AfterEffects class I kind of freaked out and phoned it in because apparently I have no idea how to work with three-dimensional, moving things. I've got next to zero technical ability.

it's just..... the whole genre to me is so fucking cool! I love the interactive aspect, and how immersive (read: escapist) game universes can be when done properly (worldbuilding!!!!!!), I love exploring and finding tiny details that make the world and its characters that much more real. even the gameplay mechanics — I'm pretty terrible at games in general, but I like the idea that that perspective might help me figure out new ways to execute gameplay. god help me, I'm such a nerd for user experience optimization. and honestly the dialogue in a lot of games is pretty fucking terrible, and even though I'm not the best writer out there I can at least do better than even some AAA writing teams. maybe.

I'm also nervous about it because when I tried to pursue my passion for graphic design it completely backfired; I haven't had any inspiration to make stuff on my own since I became an in-house graphic/web designer, first for that marketing agency and now for this art gallery. so who's to say I won't still be a totally jaded commitment-phobe with this as well?
26 November 2016 @ 03:06 pm
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21 November 2016 @ 06:51 pm
is it okay for me to just be entirely fucking exhausted with the news lately and disengage for a while and focus on things that don't stress me out to no end, like spn and video games and sleeping? because i am. entirely. fucking. exhausted.
I just scrolled through a 5,000-comment thread on reddit about tiny details and easter eggs in video games, and not a single one of them mentioned this stolen Rembrandt painting in Bioshock: Infinite. which I guess I'm not terribly surprised at, seeing as how I myself am an art history major and yet only recognized the painting because I'd seen a really cool video of a digital re-creation of it a few days prior, and not because I'd learned about it in class. I certainly wasn't looking to recognize any of the paintings on the walls.

it does lead me to wonder, though, as to the history of the series and how it weaves into and diverges from real history. "The Storm on the Sea of Galilee" was in the collection of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston until it was famously stolen in 1990 (along with a dozen other pieces); the cities of the Bioshock series broke away from the rest of human civilization far, far earlier than that. I haven't yet played the original Bioshock so I can't speak to Rapture, but Columbia in Infinite looks to be some kind of steampunk remix of the early 1900s. so how, exactly, in the history of the city's founding, did they manage to get their hands on this Rembrandt piece? why do they have it? what other works of art, if any, should I be looking for here?

and what were the intentions of the game devs in including this piece? was there any thought put into it at all, or were they just like, "hey, we gotta fill up a few spaces here and there just for the sake of aesthetics, Jimmy can you google some stolen artworks to give us a few ideas"?

a quick google search has yielded no insight on this point, save for a Wikipedia article on the painting that mentions its appearance in Infinite.* no one has even mentioned it on the game's dedicated subreddit, and that is weird to me, given both the wild popularity of the game and the fact that, well, it's fucking reddit. everything is on reddit.

it's also entirely possible that my education in art history causing me to read far too much into it?

or I could... you know... just finish the damn game.

*I went back clicked on the reference in the Wiki article hoping to learn more, and got this screenshot. compare with the one I took while I was playing. same painting and frame; different wall and lighting. so it's probably just stock........ EXCEPT WHAT IF IT ISN'T. WHAT IF!!!!!
19 November 2016 @ 10:30 pm
i just finished playing a game about diving into an ocean that is equal parts kelp forest, coral reef, open ocean, abyssal sea, and ancient ruins in the style of islamic architecture.

also there's some cute little robots that follow you around for parts of the game. and some landmines that fuck you up.

also,[SPOILER]by the end of the very linear if sparse narrative of the game, you become best friends with a great white shark. and if y'all know anything about me, which i assume you do, you know that that is pretty much my one and only goal in this lifetime. some of the reviews i'd read called it a "chill game" with "very little emotional investment" which........ fucking lol. i spent the first half of the game chasing said shark and yelling at it to turn around and be my friend (honestly), and the second half crying — at first because it fucking sacrificed itself to destroy a giant landmine, and later because I GOT TO RESURRECT SHARKFRIEND AND RIDE IT AROUND VICTORIOUSLY AND NOW WE ARE BESTEST BUDDIES AND THIS IS MY FAVORITE FUCKING GAME.

night well spent.
19 November 2016 @ 12:37 am
since Black Friday is around the corner and there's a Gamestop right by where I work, I'm quickly descending into wannabe-gamer-hell again. I'm thinking of getting myself a 3DS ($99 during Black Friday!!!) and Pokemon Sun, because I got my brother Moon for his birthday. and I'll probably get him Until Dawn for Christmas because the South Park game (my original Christmas present both for myself and for him) has been delayed, and apparently he is into Campy Horror Stuff. though I think it's single-player only... I guess we can take turns or something?

the only TV in the house that actually works with my PS4, somehow, is the TV in what used to be my grandma's room. I'm actually kind of liking spending time in there. it's empty except for said TV set and an old mattress that folds up into a makeshift couch — and now my PS4 and games as well. I don't know how I feel about that. I don't think it's necessarily disrespectful to want to put it to good use... but is turning it into my unofficial gaming den putting it to good use???

anyway. I started playing The Last of Us, and it's incredible how, despite my love for Undertale's you-don't-have-to-kill-anyone message, I still revert back to indiscriminately murdering everybody in front of me as soon as you put a (virtual) gun in my hand. I'm pretty sure TLOU is facepalming me at this point; I keep getting tutorials for how to sneak around enemies, and an NPC has already called me out on it. it's not my fault I can't figure out how to use stealth.

also, controllers are REALLY FUCKING DIFFICULT when you're used to keyboard + mouse. cue me pausing the game every five minutes or so to reexamine my controller and figure out which button is which and how to fucking sprint and jump.

tomorrow the first Saturday this month that I'm not working late (for no extra pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and my parents are coming home and if they're cool with it I'm gonna just lock myself in grandma's room and play video games until my eyes bleed or until the weekend is over.

two years ago I stumbled across pretty concept art for a pretty game with art direction by a designer/artist I deeply admire. fucking look at me now.